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Faux Mosaic Bird Pins

May 28, 2011 at 8:00 amCategory:Jewelry

My FABulously creative friend taught me this great technique to create faux mosaics. She taught us how to make the mosaics out of chipboard and scraps of paper and turn them into wonderful pins. (Some of you requested a video tutorial on this which is coming, I promise!) I love bird images and couldn’t wait to try this technique on some chipboard birds from my stash. After the pieces dried, they needed some fun charms dangling from them. Perfect project for some of Marion Smith’s Vintage Trinkets from Prima. 

Altered Canvas and The Finster

May 18, 2011 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects

Canvas has become my new love! I love cutting it, painting it, altering it, spraying it, stamping it…you get the idea. I have been making canvas embellishments, tags, mini books, jewelry and scrapbook pages. This is an actual artist canvas and I covered it with a cool paint technique that I learned from Marion Smith. I added some cool paper and embellishments. The picture is Finley, my Mom Mom’s Labradoodle who is now over 9o pounds. The Finster (as I call him) doesn’t pose (or usually stop) long enough for a picture. I was so excited to get this great shot of my fuzzy buddy! I gave this canvas piece to Mom Mom as a surprise. She immediately hung it in her home and has been enjoying it (and showing it off) ever since. Love you Mom Mom and Finster!

Turning the Negative Into Positive

May 1, 2011 at 8:00 amCategory:Jewelry

I just couldn’t get enough of the Shrinky Dinks so this time I used the negative space from the Top Notes that I cut out. I shrunk one down after stamping it (for more information on that check out my post from Friday). ***Don’t forget to punch your holes in the plastic BEFORE you shrink it!***

The wide open space was screaming out for one of Marion Smith’s Vintage Trinkets. I added a lock and key to the piece, a little velvet cord and done. This piece is a little big in size but I personally love big jewelry. If it’s too big of a look for you, you could also use this frame as a plastic embellishment on a card or in your scrapbooks.


April 29, 2011 at 1:00 amCategory:Jewelry

Welcome! You should have come to my blog from ANGELIA’S BLOG…is she FABULOUS? One of my favorite techniques is using SHRINKY DINKS in my projects. It is amazing how a childhood craft not only brings back memories but adds a ton of pizazz and sophistication to my projects. I used Shrinky Dinks in some vintage jewelry pieces. Shrinky Dinks are so easy to cut on the Big Shot so I cut out this shape using the Top Note Die. They work best with the regular dies as they require a deep enough blade to cut through the plastic.

Once I cut the top note, I stamped on the white plastic with black Staz-On Ink which is the best to use on the nonporous plastic. Other inks will wipe right off! Staz-On Ink comes in tons of different colors so you can stamp fun colors that are perfect for your project.

IMPORTANT:If you are going to punch holes in your plastic, you MUST do this before you heat the plastic. I always use the bigger hole on my Crop-A-Dile because the hole will also shrink in size.

I used my heat gun to shrink the plastic. One tip that really works for me is CHOPSTICKS! I always keep some wooden chopsticks handy (we have lots of sushi takeout in NYC) to hold down the plastic. It gets RED HOT and almost impossible to touch! They also help to hold down the edges so the plastic doesn’t curl up as much. Once you shrink them, they are hard plastic and make great pieces for jewelry, scrapbook/card embellishments and charms.

I added charms from my stash-I LOVE vintage charms! I also used hot glue to add gorgeous new resin cabachon flowers from Prima & Donna Downey. Did I mention I am teaching this class in New York City? To see this class and MANY more, check out my CLASS SCHEDULE. We would LOVE to meet you.

Here are some of the pieces that I made. Marty helped me by adding the closure on the end of the silk string and I added jump rings and the pendants. Stay tuned tomorrow for more of my handmade jewelry! Now, HOP ON OVER (by clicking the link) to the amazing KIM DUNSON’S BLOG.

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She Art Canvas of My Beautiful Nieces

April 23, 2011 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects

Ahhh, Christy Tomlinson, what a talented, inspirational artist! I have recently become quite addicted to canvas-large canvases, mini books, pages, canvas pages…you name it! It all started when I watched a technique on Marion Smith’s UStream Channel. I couldn’t stop dripping paint. Then, Christy introduced her She Art Workshop online and it sent me over the edge! (yes, in a good way) If you don’t know about Christy’s online classes, check them out at SCARLET LIME. Christy’s teaching style, sense of humor and creativity will keep you coming back over & over.

This canvas was the second She Art that I made. (I haven’t posted my first CURVY girl yet but I will!) This canvas is really big-maybe 11X14. I don’t remember because I made it and gave it as a gift right away-forgot to measure it.

This canvas is really significant-I made it for my mom’s birthday in March. I couldn’t wait to give it to her! The girls on the canvas are her beautiful granddaughters (my nieces) Reghan, Delayne and Elise. (yes, Elise is a baby but pigtail and in purple is how I envision her someday) I dressed the girls to suit what my nieces love to wear! After all that my family had been through at the end of 2010, this quote really touched me when I read it. Those little girls are miracles to us-we need them in our lives for so many reasons.

Fluttery Butterfly Pins

April 22, 2011 at 8:00 amCategory:Jewelry

I am addicted to my sewing machine-I sew anything that doesn’t move! This project was for a swap that I recently participated in-it was one of my favorite things-a BUTTERFLY swap so I had to join the fun! These little sweeties took some patience and perseverance. Once I decided that I would sew them, I was “bound” (get it) and determined to sew all 16 of them! Some I sent away for the swap, others I added some bling and a pinback and gave them as gifts to some friends!

Sew, SO…how did I make them?

1. Cut the butterflies from both thin cardboard (cardstock would work, too) and a fun thin fabric. I used a butterfly die from Stampin’ Up! and my Big Shot to cut them.

2. Adhere the fabric to the cardboard/cardstock with Mod Podge-nice and thin. It is mostly to adhere it not to create any additional texture/thickness.

3. Sew around the butterfly-the sewing was purely decorative, it wasn’t adhering the butterflies.

4. Add flowers, ribbon & some bling-I used Prima Vintage Trinkets by Marion Smith (yep, the same creative, sweet artist that is coming to teach a retreat here in NYC in July-did you sign up?)

5. This can be used as a scrapbook or card embellishment. OR-you can attach a pin back for a lovely Spring addition to your jewelry collection!

Artsy Party in New York City

April 20, 2011 at 8:00 amCategory:***Heidi's Artsy Posts***

Check out this video for more information on a New York City weekend that you WILL NOT want to miss!

Marion Smith is Teaching in New York City

March 19, 2011 at 7:16 pmCategory:***Heidi's Artsy Posts***

As you know, I am thrilled to bits that Marion Smith is coming to NYC to teach an entire weekend of workshops! Sign ups are now happening and the event is filling up very quickly. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience Marion and Prima in the best city in the world. Sign ups are happening here.

Support Marion Smith’s Art Charity Event

March 9, 2011 at 7:55 pmCategory:***Heidi's Artsy Posts***

As a Special Education Teacher, Marion’s event to benefit the kids of Reece’s Rainbow really touched my heart. I hope that you take some time to watch this recording from UStream and submit some art!

Marion Smith is Coming to NYC

March 5, 2011 at 11:57 pmCategory:***Heidi's Artsy Posts***

I find inspiration for my art from many sources-nature, my own life and other artists are the major fuel for my creativity. One artist that inspires me DAILY is Marion Smith. As many of you know, my family was dealt quite the blow when my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer at the end of September. When we made the decision for Dad to come to New York City for his initial care, Mom & I had some dark moments as we began to sort out the unthinkable. Finding positivity and calming moments was hard. At times, to take our minds to a different place, we would watch Marion videos on UStream on my Mac in the hospital.

Dad passed away at the end of November. A short time later, I emailed Marion to tell her the impact that she had from across the country. We make art and share it with others but I don’t think we always know the true impact of what we do. I felt Marion deserved to know. I heard back from her within moments. We had an instant connection.

A short time later, Marion appeared on my weekly UStream Show in which lots of art was made but truly more laughing took place than creating. We joked with Marion and told her she needed to visit New York City to meet us and (of course) teach us! Some of the gals promised to cook for her–don’t forget that, ladies.

Marion and I took that idea seriously! After a few weeks of emails and connecting with people…the dream has come true! Marion is coming to New York City. I am so excited! She will be teaching in the city on July 9th and 10th. I look forward to getting to know her and learning from someone that truly inspires my art everyday. Stay tuned for more information on my blog. Also, check out Marion’s website APIECE OF CRAFT and her BLOG.