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Elise’s Purple Banner

December 23, 2010 at 10:12 pmCategory:***Heidi's Artsy Posts***

I have wanted to make a banner for a LONG time! After receiving this purple kit from Swirlydoos, it was screaming to be made into a banner (ok, amongst LOTS of other projects).

Our new baby niece was born on September 17th. The first months of her young life has been hard due to Dad’s illness and passing. We struggled with understanding the timing. But, it makes sense more & more with each passing day. She is a blessing. She is a reminder of our family bond and the love that we have for each other. Everyday, I share pictures of her and smile that Dad got to know her. Today, someone said “she looks like her grandfather” and it warmed my heart. I love you little Elise. I hope that you enjoy this piece of art for a long time.

Banners are hard to photograph as they span over a lot of space. I took a picture of each part of the banner. This is full of Prima, Webster’s Pages, Stampin’ Up!, bling, and more bling! Marty bought me a sewing machine for Christmas (SO excited) and I used it to sew each part of the banner onto some green ribbon. I can’t wait for my sister to see it!

This last picture is of a banner that my friend Laurel made for me. It has been hanging in The Mecca (my craft room) since she gave it to me! (I love it!) I wanted to share this picture with you so you can see how beautiful a banner can look in your craft space, bedroom or as a holiday decoration! I hope you try making one!

Paris Inspired Projects

December 21, 2010 at 10:18 pmCategory:***Heidi's Artsy Posts***

Quite some time ago, I attended a class at my friend, Laurel’s home. Our crafty pal, Pooja, taught this PARIS inspired class. I really enjoyed the variety of projects. (how could I not have posted this pics before?-too many photos on my computer, perhaps?)

Pooja brought along this very cool collection of vintage Paris postcards. We each picked one and then added some little embellishments and stamps to make it our own.

How cool is this tag? Are you melting over that cool stamp?

This card features a flower that Pooja cut from old maps of Paris. She brought lots of flower parts and we used them to make the flower for this card.

Another cool tag…MERCI!

Beautiful Birthday Memories

November 2, 2010 at 3:58 pmCategory:Scrapbooking

I have learned to really reflect on important people and moments in my life. I asked Marty many times recently how I am able to stay strong during the most traumatic time of my life. Prior to the end of September, my life was in such a good place. I was in such a stable place as far as my personal and professional life. I have an amazingly supportive husband, family and circle of friends. I am finally at a school that makes sense for my educational beliefs-I have found my home where I hope to grow roots. I am able to express myself freely through my art.

The past month has felt like someone was ripping my heart out and stomping all over it. There have been moments where I can’t catch my breath and looking forward feels impossible. My birthday is coming up and I am dreading it. I questioned why and know that it’s because I don’t know what will happen between now and November 19th. Day to day things seem to change.

What remains constant and stronger than ever are the positive people that I have in my circle. My family has bonded in ways that we never imagined. I always knew we were close but this month has brought us closer than ever. My friends has reached out as extended family. My school has held me up and let’s be honest, I am still quite a stranger to them. And, Marty, he has been through this ten years ago with his own father. He has been my shoulder to cry on, my solid ground and the person to remind me that I am loved unconditionally.

Recently, Corris came over and we scrapbooked. We laughed and gabbed more than actually crafted but she knew that was what I needed. I worked on these pages. They are from Marty’s birthday in 2008. The gals from my crafting world surprised him with a dinner as a way to thank him for all he does for our Stampin’ Up! team. I look at those pictures and realize how far we have come. We have been through so much since then, our circle of friends. We came together because we had art in common and now I rely on them as family.

About the pages themselves, those gorgeous supplies are from Swirlydoos-my ALL TIME favorite monthly scrapbooking kit club. Those of you that craft with me either in person or on my UStream Show know how much I RAVE about Swirlydoos. So much that some of you signed up with Krissy to get her monthly kits. By the way, if you do…tell her I sent you and you (and I) get a FANTASTIC discount!

On this part of the page, I used Glimmer Mist with a Misting Screen to distress that paper doily. It is funny to me that when Glimmer Mist first appeared in the crafty world, I complained about it. Eileen & I were ready to BOYCOTT it FOREVER after trying it together one Sunday afternoon. NOW…well counting how many colors I have would take…FOREVER! I use it to distress and color everything…yes, even the pomeranians have had a free dye job!

The moral of this post–treasure those around you. Even when things are at their worst, look at all of the positive in your life. It is those people and places that are keeping me grounded & helping me look at the positive moments with my Dad and Pop. It’s hard but I know that they want only what is best for me.

Watercolor Trees

March 26, 2010 at 12:00 pmCategory:CARDS | Techniques

Quite some time ago my amazing friend Laurel came across a technique for watercolor flowers by Patty Bennett.  At our recent Crafting Retreat Laurel taught this technique to the group. Patty and Laurel used the Stampin’ Up! Fifth Avenue Floral Set which leads to amazing results. I loved it SO much and couldn’t wait to try it with other stamps.  This is a brand new tree stamp that is part of a set with a lot of stamps that could be colored in. I thought it was perfect for trying the Watercolor Technique. Let me know what you think!

Pooja’s Beautiful Paisley Tree Card

February 25, 2010 at 12:00 pmCategory:***Heidi's Artsy Posts***

I am LOVING this beautiful stamp that Pooja brought to share with us at Laurel’s Haiti Relief Meetup Event. She described it as an “ethnic” stamp as Pooja has roots in India. She did a gorgeous job creating a card with the image stamped in a subtle light brown on a rusty red colored cardstock. I hope you love this card as much as I do! I can’t wait to send it to someone that will really enjoy it!

Tropical Thank You Card

February 23, 2010 at 12:00 pmCategory:***Heidi's Artsy Posts***

As part of Laurel’s Haiti Relief Fundraiser, she created the original design for this card. She described it as a card using lots of tropical colors in honor of the beauty of Haiti’s land. We used stamps and colored the rubber with markers to stamp this wallpaper. Once we finished our own version of patterned paper, Laurel cut it to fit the size of the card layout.

I loved making this card as I shared the markers and laughed with Rocker Jen Nagel. I loved Laurel’s wallpaper idea and can’t wait to try that idea with other stamps and colors. Crafting with Friends–inky smiles.

Vintage Chipboard Bird

February 21, 2010 at 12:00 pmCategory:***Heidi's Artsy Posts***

On Friday night, six crafty gals got together to make art and support Haiti in an event hosted by my dear friend, Laurel. The event was set up as a shoebox swap where each participant brings a project and we all get to make each other’s creations. I made a chipboard embellished bird! It has some wonderful glitter embossing and a cool bling eye. The base of this bird is from the new CHIPBOARD BIRDS from Stampin’ Up! They come with a hole punched in them and can be used to make a mini scrapbook. I thought it would be fun for each person to make a sparkly bird that can be used as a scrapbook page embellishment. Some crafters mentioned that they would be displaying their birds at the workplaces as a way to bring a smile to their faces during these cold New York City Winter days.

Here is a close up of some of the bird’s bling! I hope you enjoyed this project and please take a moment to leave a comment. I would LOVE to hear from you!