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Where have I been?

July 11, 2016 at 7:35 pmCategory:Healthy Journey

It has been a REALLY, REALLY long time…

No worries. All has been good. Just busy and unfortunately my art life went on the very far back burner.
What have I been up to?

1. Finishing my 21st (that is hard to even believe) year of teaching. This year has been one of the best. One of the hardest. The kids in my class were gifts to me. All of them. It was super busy as the year came to a close as we prepared for the 5th Grade graduation. What a special but very bittersweet day!

2. Jury. Duty. I am in the middle of dealing with that. Enough said.

3. I have been doing more reading. I have missed it. I grew up reading. My mom would take us to the public library all of the time. I love the smell of books. The feel of them. I joined a Book of the Month website that I am IN LOVE WITH! Check it out. I am currently reading BEFORE THE FALL and am gobbling it up!

4. On May 1st, Marty and I started a healthy journey to get our bodies back on track. After my dad passed away in 2010, my health fell apart. Coincidentally, it was at the beginning of May in 2011 that I started being healthy again. Watching what I put in my mouth and being more active. I lost so much weight and felt healthy. Last year, I went through something really hard and fell apart again. On May 1st, I realized that I was (for lack of a better description) a HOT MESS. When I make a decision to do something, I go at it 110%. It’s my personality! Since that date, I lost about 17 pounds. I am addicted to cute workout clothes to wear to Zumba, yoga and on walks. Something about wearing cute workout clothes gives me the kick I need to get active.

***I have been getting great workout clothes from FABLETICS! (I am in LOVE!) Click the link for my referral code.

***JourneySpace is my favorite place for Zumba & Yoga. Such a wonderful (non judgmental) community of people-both men & women. I was nervous when I went for the first time but have felt so comfortable and welcomed.

Are you curious about my weight loss progress?

This is how I looked on May 7th:


July 2nd & July 9th: