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Some Artsy Projects-Flashbacks!

August 24, 2016 at 12:37 pmCategory:Altered Projects | Art Journal | CARDS


Here is another “flashback” blog post as I try to get caught up on all of the great posts that I never published. (hanging my head lol) Lots of inspiration and a few glimpses of the amazing artists of the Gotham City Paper & Paint Meetup Group!



















January 2016 Artsy Creations

July 13, 2016 at 7:13 pmCategory:Art Journal


This entry is an oldie but goody! Packed with lots of art and inspiration. As I am dusting off my blog, I am finding lots of things to send your way. Hope you don’t mind the late “vibe” of this stuff…

The first one is an art journal page that I created at the beginning of the year. Little did I know how TRUE this page would be. So far, 2016 has been packed with amazing moments & experiences! IMG_8126

The next two pictures are canvases that my 5th graders created! We were working on a unit in which we held really deep, intense conversations about slavery and equality for all people. They worked on these canvases to depict their thoughts on some of the texts we discussed! (deep stuff-love these kids)

***The blue papers were awaiting their essays!***IMG_8258


The next few pictures are of faces that I created. I was inspired by the SKTCHY app-check it out! (it’s free)I love mixing paints and making faces that are “unrealistic” in their colors. I hope some of these pictures inspired you! Would love to hear your comments…IMG_8262






Latest Art Journaling (from the Summer)

January 21, 2016 at 8:00 amCategory:Art Journal


WOW! Why haven’t I shared these until now? Ok, no lame excuses…promise.

I never used to draw faces. I think there were something about them having to actually look like someone or look “real”. Marty told me that I just see things differently than other people and to embrace that. He’s right, I guess. The more I paint & draw what is in my mind, the better I like what I do.

The top picture is a sketch and continues to be a work in progress (yes, even now in January). I love finding interesting faces on an app called SKTCHY and seeing them through my own eyes.

This drawing (above) came from a personal experience. It helped me deal with something I was going through as art always does for me. It also brought me back to when I was in 4th Grade. I remember being on this kick where I would draw these odd abstract palm trees all the time. Kind of strange from a kid that lived in Central PA and (at that point) hadn’t been anywhere where I would have seen a palm tree. The tops of the palm trees always looked like the hair on that kid that I drew. Funny how certain things come back.

IMG_6732This one was kind of a strange moment for me. One late night, I grabbed a Sharpie that was on my desk and this came out. There were no rules and no restrictions. This just happened. I am still not totally sure as to why but there is that “hair” again. I colored that face/hair with some chalks that Marty had picked up from Target.



I kept going with another very abstract face. Someone told me this one had a bit of a Picasso influence. That was quite a compliment but I get it, I guess. To me, that face looks really out there. As I look at it now, it’s interesting that I didn’t add a white dot inside of the eyes. He looks very confused & disconnected. Maybe how I was feeling at the time?! Amazing what our art tells us. (that is why it is important to date your paintings)


This one made me smile. Flowers, bright colors. I was experimenting with some techniques that I learned from the Joanne Sharpe lesson on LifeBook.


Another one of those odd faces. Huh?!



The two faces here were drawn and then traced over with India Ink from a eye dropper. Not sure why. It just is.


Here, I got my hands on TONS and TONS of Crayola Crayons. Something about that smell brought me back to my childhood. I needed that at the time. We are given what we need at certain times in life. Especially when we are struggling. Which at that time…I was. The flowers were pretty simple. It was all about the colors and using those crayons.

IMG_4368I kept telling Marty that I was AWFUL at drawing trees. So, after watching a few youtube videos, I drew these trees. I felt pretty proud of myself. There was progress…AND I drew them in the car on the road to PA. (yes, I was the passenger)


Some more funky trees. My niece, drew her version on the page next to mine. She was almost 5-that page will remain forever! (date that stuff)


I did this watercolor at one of Marty’s Summer Park gigs. I am quite blah at drawing anything realistic! This is my attempt. It is a gazebo. We shall pretend you knew that. lol

And the last picture. It seems for itself. Is it “art”? It touches my heart. So, yes.


Life Book Takes Me Out of My Comfort Zone!

May 21, 2015 at 11:16 amCategory:Art Journal

My last blog post was about places where I find inspiration. In that post I mentioned my love of Life Book and how those amazing classes push me to try new things with my art. In my post today I am sharing many of my pieces that have been inspired by Life Book. Some are finished while others are still works in progress! Out of respect for Life Book, I won’t be sharing the process of any of these pages. I simply wanted to share in hopes that maybe you will find inspiration with some of my recent pages packed with drawing, messy lines and globs of color. Now…GO MAKE SOME ART!










What Inspires You?

May 19, 2015 at 10:14 amCategory:Art Journal

“I can’t draw”…at least that I what I used to say. I was convinced that drawing wasn’t my thing. I guess it’s like anything, the more I practice the more comfortable I will get. My mom is really amazing at looking at something and being able to draw it herself. I am finding out more & more that I am very much like her in that way. I have been looking for inspiration all around me and then trying out drawing in my art journal. I love adding color-paints, sprays, watercolor pencils-you name it!

I became more comfy with drawing once I participated in LifeBook a couple of years ago. I like that I get pushed out of my comfort zone to try new things while I am alone in my art studio. Lately, I have been taking what I have been learning in LifeBook and applying those techniques to my own creations.

I don’t know about you but I gasp when I see the Anthropologie Catalog in my mailbox. Yes, I love the clothes and accessories that are featured in there. But, I am more intrigued by the gorgeous photographs where the backgrounds are exquisite. I found a beautiful Moroccan-inspired tile on one of the photos and loved the leaf design. I used that simple design to create this cluster of leaves that I colored with watercolor pencils. I added a touch of glitter paint from Art Anthology to give the leaves some fancy shimmer. IMG_6039


This piece came from a picture of Derek Hough that was in an advertisement in am New York. He was doing a great dance move in the ad for the Rockettes Spring Spectacular Show. Yes, I saw it with my mom! I cut Derek out and used the clipping as a mask which I traced around. I then added lots of colors and some stenciling using a stencil from Stampin’ Up! (which you can order from me via the link). 


The biggest place for me to find inspiration is Pinterest. I have a board that is dedicated to art, etc. that is inspiring to me and great as jumping points for future art journal projects.


This little drawing was simply a continuous squiggly line. I added some doodling into some of the openings and finished off with pops of color. This type of art is so relaxing to me because I can get lost in the little details. As I am looking at these pictures, I am noticing that there are DOTS everywhere! I love using my Sharpie Paint Pens to make those little, tiny dots whenever I can.





These funky flowers were inspired by some flowers that I found on Pinterest. I loved the simplicity of the doodles which also allowed for me to add some gorgeous colors. I love quotes and have been very inspired lately by quotes of positivity and change. I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to amazing quotes! IMG_6257







This flower became the cover of my art journal. I love the whimsical nature of the drawing and added lots of bright, happy colors.  (And, yep…there are those dots again!) IMG_6239


The little house and the bird drawing were also inspired by Pinterest. I had fun drawing them but even more fun adding color. As a kid, I loved coloring books that had thick black lines and lots of open spaces to add colors. I was never into the pictures that had tons of tiny details. (Another way that I am like my mom!) I think that comes through in the types of illustrations that I create and color. IMG_6249



This piece is really different for me. It was inspired by a piece of fiber art that I saw on Pinterest. Even though it took a ton of time to get it where it is at this point…I don’t like it. Not at all. Every time I see it in my journal I think “I should gesso over that”…but for some reason, I don’t. IMG_6242


I often get inspiration from the things that are around me. This lily was created based on some beautiful flowers that my love got for me for our anniversary. The actual lily in the vase was white but again…any excuse to add color!

There are so many places to find inspiration for our art. Where do you find inspiration?



Inspiration For A Pretty Peacock

March 20, 2015 at 8:00 amCategory:Art Journal


Inspiration is all around us! Not many things can get me to freeze next to my mailbox like getting a new ANTHROPOLOGIE catalog. The images and prints are always stunning but the March 2015 catalog took my breath away! As I flipped through it, I couldn’t help but get lost in the gorgeous colors and combinations of patterns. Lately I have been loving sketching simple pictures and adding lots of pops of color. The catalog inspired me to look closely at different designs that I could somehow recreate in my art. One of the pages had gorgeous tile work that incorporated stunning peacocks. My art is more simplistic than the detailed tiles but I knew I could somehow reinvent those little beauties. So, here is my happy little peacock with gorgeous bright colors! I am so thrilled with how he turned out that I ended up using him for the wallpaper on my MacBook Pro so that every time I open my laptop I see his little face & fun feathers.


Look for inspiration all around you (yes, even in your mailbox) and GO MAKE SOME ART!



Birds of A Feather

March 17, 2015 at 1:25 pmCategory:Art Journal


I have been really drawn to drawing lately. I have been getting lost in the sketching of the lines. Watercolor Pencils seem to be my medium of choice as the colors blending & bleeding into each other is so relaxing to me. As many people, I have Pinterest Boards of all kinds of topics including things that inspire my art journaling (and my imaginary huge apartment in New York City).


One of the things on my Art Journal Inspiration Board is a picture of this beautiful gift wrap. I am like my mom when it comes to drawing. I struggle to draw things from my head but can recreate sketches of pictures that are in front of me. I had a lot of fun reinventing one of the amazing birds on this gift wrap–imagine getting a gift all fanciest up in this?! Just hand me the roll of gift wrap…no need to put anything else inside of it. For the background of my bird art, I used that neat circle & line pattern from the lower left hand corner. Stuck on what to draw? Check out beautiful works of art online to inspire you! Now…enjoy your Tuesday and GO MAKE SOME ART!




Inspiration Wednesday Week #3

March 14, 2015 at 8:00 amCategory:Art Journal




This is probably the closest version to Donna’s art that I created. I am LOVIN’ Inspiration Wednesday! Donna’s ideas and techniques are great & I am drawn to her sense of humor and the things that she says on the videos. I created the pages (without the words) but felt that something was missing. I put the art journal to the side to dry and just kept looking at it. Something was missing!

The very next day, I got a flyer in the mail for a new show at Radio City Music Hall. The New York City theme of the show led itself to the cool graphics and phrases in the flyer. I knew that this was perfect for the page & the finishing touches that it needed. I tore them and added them to the page-I added some black ink around the words to make them part of the page vs. having them look like they were just glued on. Now, I am happy!




Random Art Creations

March 13, 2015 at 8:00 amCategory:Art Journal

Some might complain about cabin fever & being stuck inside during these dreadful Winter months in New York City (or anywhere). I have used these days as an opportunity to dabble in my art journaling. Drawing, doodling & putting color on page has brought me therapy and immense joy! Sometimes I have an idea in my head and get creating. Other times, things just flow-like those jewel-toned circles on the newspaper that I was reading. Circles seem to be a theme for me-I notice them a lot in the things I am drawing. It is not intentional but there they are. Happy circles.

So, grab some pencils & pretty colors and GO MAKE SOME ART!





Inspiration Wednesday Week #2

March 12, 2015 at 8:00 amCategory:Art Journal


Ah, Week 2 of Inspiration Wednesday with Donna Downey. As I mentioned in my last post, I use Donna’s videos to get inspired and as a jumping off point for my own creations. This one for sure looks nothing like Donna’s art. I kept changing mine by adding layers and then I needed a focal point on the page. I just bought the butterfly dies from Stampin’ Up! and COULD NOT WAIT to use them on something. I cut some old book paper with the dies and added those beauties to the page. Once I had them adhered, I added the purple paint. Donna’s page was very subdued in its colors and was stunning. BUT, I struggle with not using crazy, bright colors. I try, I really really do…but I just keep adding colors until things really pop. We all have our own style & I guess that’s mine!