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Artsy Paper Flowers

August 31, 2013 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects


Rolled paper flowers-an addiction of mine! I keep a spray bin near me when I create. It is a simple washing bin from the $1 store. I always throw papers in there and then when I spray flowers, etc. the papers get covered, too. The bin is full of copy paper, music that Marty doesn’t want and take out menus. I even use these papers as paint palettes to get them covered in lots of colors and mediums. I use those colorful papers to make these flowers. I get a ton of questions about how I make them. I have a video-it is pretty old but you get the point. If you want me to make a more current video, let me know in the comments and I would be thrilled to do it.

In the video (at the end of this post), the flowers come in around an hour and ten minutes into it. This is from a UStream that I did quite some time ago. Hope you enjoy!






How To Copy Famous Paintings and Keep Your Own Style

August 29, 2013 at 11:39 amCategory:Altered Projects

Artist drawing on drafting table
©Comstock Images/Thinkstock

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to have a little version of the last supper, or the Mona Lisa? Well, the secret to making a great painting look all new is making sure some aspects of an artiste’s own personal style have been instilled into the process. Most famous painters state that the key to making a perfect copy of famous paintings is having great eye to hand coordination. Drawing skills are said to be located on the left side of the brain. This is the reason why people who can coordinate eye and hand functions well are able to create a great copy of the best paintings in the world. Here are a few of the tips that help in making great painting remakes.

Choosing the painting to remake

The first step that one is supposed to take when thinking about remaking a famous painting is choosing what to remake. It is important to note that the quality of the remake will depend on how well the original was made. If one chooses to go with the old classics, they will have to make sure that they are very sure about their painting technique. The artist needs to understand that when there were several schools of painting especially in the 19th century. If you are more of an impressionist, you can choose to go with Monet, Manet, Pissaro, Mary Cassate and the others in this class. On the other hand, for the orientalists, artistes ought to make sure that they have mastered the academic technique of painting whereby the replica will have to resemble a photograph in certain aspects. The best pieces to recreate from this school of thought include those done by Ernst, Delacroix, Gerome and several others. The most important thing is for the artiste to make sure that they have a selected a fascinating painting to start with. This will make the process of repainting very interesting.

The importance of practice

It is also important to note that one cannot become an expert in painting overnight. There is need to practice a lot in order to master great eye and hand coordination. When it comes to making sure that the painting has a little bit of your touch, there is need to establish what an artiste’s style is first. Otherwise, they will not be able to personalize a painting. It is important to note that redoing paintings is tricky because one is basically remodeling an idea that was another person’s. It is quite impossible to paint a better piece than the original. The only way one can do this is by spicing it with aspects that are the artiste’s own. With time and a lot of practice, it will be possible to get a grasp of what one’s personal style is. When this personal style is injected into the painting, a great remake of the piece will be the result.

The value of precision

When an artiste is trying to repaint a popular painting, it is important to make sure that they have captured all the aspects of the painting that are in the original. The artiste will have to capture every fold in the linen of the original painting, every twinkle of the eye, every sparkle of the pearl earring and every other aspect of the original painting. It will not help to have a remake look completely different from the original. The artiste should therefore take time studying the painting before they start remaking it. The process of remaking should also be handled with a lot of care in order to achieve the needed precision.


Remaking famous paintings is quite challenging. It needs the artiste who has a keen eye for tiny details. It also demands for total concentration. Contrary to what many people might imagine, it does need a lot of creativity and imagination. For the budding artiste, there are plenty of online sites where they can get some insights into the process of painting. Painters can get inspiration for painting art at It is one of the very best sites to assist both the amateur and the experienced painter in the process of remaking old paintings. As long as the painter follows the tips mentioned, they will be recreating better versions of some of the best paintings that we have.


New York City Mixed Media Clock

August 29, 2013 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects


My pal, Teresa, moved to the big city! How exciting to have a new place in Manhattan. I created this clock for her new place. I am addicted to making cityscapes-you have seen a variety of my NYC creations in several blog posts. I thought a skyline clock would be perfect addition to her apartment. The best part is that she LOVES it! IMG_1824


What is Paper Pumpkin?

August 1, 2013 at 4:51 pmCategory:Altered Projects | CARDS | VIDEOS

Heidi shares the TRY ME Kit from Stampin’ Up!’s Paper Pumpkin. Stay tuned for upcoming UStream Shows where we will create with this kit.

Want to buy your own TRY ME Kit & play along?

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Sue Pelletier’s “Create the Dress You Were Meant to Twirl and Spin In!”

July 23, 2013 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects | CLASSES


SO cute! Today I am sharing a class that I took with the amazing Sue Pelletier at Little Bird Creations in New York City. I started out this twirly, girly class with a dress that belonged to my youngest niece Elise. I couldn’t wait to get started!

These are pictures of the stages that my dress went through during the class!




There are a bunch of steps and techniques but I will save that for Sue to teach to you! Make sure you take one of her classes if you get the chance. She is not only talented but a great (and very entertaining) teacher. IMG_1298


That’s Eileen Bellomo, Pat and I making art at Michele’s amazing studio! IMG_1300

Here are the three of us after the class. I knew my piece needed some extra touches when I got home. Ok, yes…it meant digging into my Prima stash!  IMG_1301

This is the finished piece! I couldn’t wait to give it to my sister and little Elise. My sister LOVED it! I can’t wait to visit to see it hanging in  Elise’s pretty bedroom. IMG_1659




This last picture is the second canvas that I started at the very first class that I took with Sue. I wrote an inspirational quote on this flag and gave it to my mom. She loved it! IMG_1663

Another Finn Inspired Canvas

July 20, 2013 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects | CLASSES


I was so thrilled with the techniques that I learned at the class that I took with Finn. I came home and wanted to glue everything around me to a canvas! Nothing was safe. Watch out Hunter & Bo! I had this small 4X4 canvas on my art table and used it to create another canvas. This time I didn’t use a picture; I just wanted to focus on the techniques and have fun with what I learned. I also pushed myself to use colors that are a bit different for me. Not my normal blues, purples and pinks and I have to admit that I love the results. This little one will be displayed somewhere in our apartment. I hope I never run out of wall space! IMG_1817


Artsy Canvas Class With Finn

July 18, 2013 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects | CLASSES


Last week I had the honor taking an art class with the amazing Anna Dabrowska (Finn). I have been following her work for a long time and was thrilled when Michele told me that Finn was coming to Little Bird Creations. As a mixed media artist, I couldn’t wait to learn some new techniques from Finn. The other perk? Michele told me that Finn was bringing Prima-packed kits which you know added to my excitement.

Here is a picture of the goodies that Finn gave to us for our class. It was four hours packed with ideas, techniques and guidance from Finn. We were asked to bring a picture for our project. My sisters gave me these beautiful pictures of Reghan, Delayne and Elise. I grabbed a bunch of them and couldn’t wait to pick one for the project. Finn mentioned that we could also bring some grungy stuff from our own stash which I did. IMG_1769

This is my canvas about half way though the class. We had a few more steps after this. Some of which made me nervous but Finn wanted us to trust the process so I did. She was right! Her techniques really add depth and texture to the project!IMG_1770

Of course, I had to get a picture with Finn! What a wonderful teacher and person. I would LOVE to take a class again with her…hint, hint Michele! IMG_1785

I brought my canvas home and worked with it. I never seem to finish projects in one sitting (just ask my art journals-those things seem to never get finished). I went back and forth with the painting techniques and am in LOVE with my end result. This little 8X8 canvas is one of my favorite projects that I ever created. Now, to find a special spot to display it in our NYC apartment. Oh, and aren’t those little gals just gorgeous on the canvas? Seems like the perfect picture for the project. IMG_1786




Random Artsy Projects

July 13, 2013 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects | Art Journal


Well, it’s Summer! I haven’t been spending much time making art. I have been running around New York City and visiting family in PA. But, when I do get a chunk of time at home, you can find me in The Mecca. I have been scrapbooking a ton but have also been very random in my art. I have been grabbing art journals and altering things. Random.

I also tend to do a bunch of organizing in the Summer. I recently went through my makeup. Yep, I love makeup as much as art supplies. I guess it’s a way to get creative on my face. I have a bunch of Bare Escentuals eyeshadows and needed a place to put them. So, in my stash was this tray made of MDF.

First I covered it with really bright scraps that I had on my table. Ripping and tearing and gluing. VERY relaxing! After I finished, it looked ABSOLUTELY INSANE! (not the look I was going for so we will consider it a “layer”) I grabbed this vintage tissue paper from my stash. I think it is from 7 Gypsies but I am not sure. I layered that on top of the crazy papers and got a great look. The makeup is now stored inside and I am happy!

Next is an art journal page! I used my Inktense Blocks and a cup of water-yep, that’s it! I sat watching TV and kept drawing circles. Then, I colored them with my wet finger. Marty said “Did you like finger painting as a kid”…enough said. I then added some Bombay Ink and it really took shape.

I have to admit it doesn’t look anything like this anymore. These fun circle became part of a layered background in my journal. I never seem to leave anything alone in my art journals. I add things here and there…I flip through the pages and paint, spray and draw. Nothing ever seems finished. No structure. I like that. IMG_1670



Altered Ribbon Spool With Heidi

July 2, 2013 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects

I created this spool out of chipboard and went C-R-A-Z-Y adding Prima flowers and bling! Most of the flowers (and the flower stamp) are Prima. I picked them up at Your Memories Here where you can find that best selection of Prima!





Skinny Legs and Lumps of Clay

June 30, 2013 at 8:00 amCategory:Altered Projects


Doreen Kassel is AMAZING! I have never worked with clay in this capacity before. I would kind of a natural and was able to sculpt the clay to make a Skinny Leg version of our pomeranian Hunter. I enjoyed this class that was offered at Little Bird Creations in New York City! Doreen will be at Little Bird again so I hope you will check out her classes. 600_222031142


Aren’t these little guys amazing!? Doreen created these!600_222031612






The following pictures show my Little Hunter being created! It was my first time and I loved the results.IMG_0907






OK, the giraffe, zebra and elephant pics just jumped into the pics of my Hunter! Those beauties were created by Doreen. IMG_0913


…and back to Lil’ Hunter…getting some gorgeous colors. He is really coming to life! IMG_0915

I wanted to get his little paws just right. Marty (my love) sent me this picture of Hunter’s cute little paw pads so I could recreate them in clay. IMG_0916




There is my happy little guy sporting his own ruffled shirt and polka dot hat! He is on display on our piano and makes me smile every time I see his happy face. Thanks Doreen!IMG_0922