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Latest Art Journaling (from the Summer)

January 21, 2016 Comments Off on Latest Art Journaling (from the Summer)


WOW! Why haven’t I shared these until now? Ok, no lame excuses…promise.

I never used to draw faces. I think there were something about them having to actually look like someone or look “real”. Marty told me that I just see things differently than other people and to embrace that. He’s right, I guess. The more I paint & draw what is in my mind, the better I like what I do.

The top picture is a sketch and continues to be a work in progress (yes, even now in January). I love finding interesting faces on an app called SKTCHY and seeing them through my own eyes.

This drawing (above) came from a personal experience. It helped me deal with something I was going through as art always does for me. It also brought me back to when I was in 4th Grade. I remember being on this kick where I would draw these odd abstract palm trees all the time. Kind of strange from a kid that lived in Central PA and (at that point) hadn’t been anywhere where I would have seen a palm tree. The tops of the palm trees always looked like the hair on that kid that I drew. Funny how certain things come back.

IMG_6732This one was kind of a strange moment for me. One late night, I grabbed a Sharpie that was on my desk and this came out. There were no rules and no restrictions. This just happened. I am still not totally sure as to why but there is that “hair” again. I colored that face/hair with some chalks that Marty had picked up from Target.



I kept going with another very abstract face. Someone told me this one had a bit of a Picasso influence. That was quite a compliment but I get it, I guess. To me, that face looks really out there. As I look at it now, it’s interesting that I didn’t add a white dot inside of the eyes. He looks very confused & disconnected. Maybe how I was feeling at the time?! Amazing what our art tells us. (that is why it is important to date your paintings)


This one made me smile. Flowers, bright colors. I was experimenting with some techniques that I learned from the Joanne Sharpe lesson on LifeBook.


Another one of those odd faces. Huh?!



The two faces here were drawn and then traced over with India Ink from a eye dropper. Not sure why. It just is.


Here, I got my hands on TONS and TONS of Crayola Crayons. Something about that smell brought me back to my childhood. I needed that at the time. We are given what we need at certain times in life. Especially when we are struggling. Which at that time…I was. The flowers were pretty simple. It was all about the colors and using those crayons.

IMG_4368I kept telling Marty that I was AWFUL at drawing trees. So, after watching a few youtube videos, I drew these trees. I felt pretty proud of myself. There was progress…AND I drew them in the car on the road to PA. (yes, I was the passenger)


Some more funky trees. My niece, drew her version on the page next to mine. She was almost 5-that page will remain forever! (date that stuff)


I did this watercolor at one of Marty’s Summer Park gigs. I am quite blah at drawing anything realistic! This is my attempt. It is a gazebo. We shall pretend you knew that. lol

And the last picture. It seems for itself. Is it “art”? It touches my heart. So, yes.


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