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What Inspires You?

May 19, 2015 Comments Off on What Inspires You?

“I can’t draw”…at least that I what I used to say. I was convinced that drawing wasn’t my thing. I guess it’s like anything, the more I practice the more comfortable I will get. My mom is really amazing at looking at something and being able to draw it herself. I am finding out more & more that I am very much like her in that way. I have been looking for inspiration all around me and then trying out drawing in my art journal. I love adding color-paints, sprays, watercolor pencils-you name it!

I became more comfy with drawing once I participated in LifeBook a couple of years ago. I like that I get pushed out of my comfort zone to try new things while I am alone in my art studio. Lately, I have been taking what I have been learning in LifeBook and applying those techniques to my own creations.

I don’t know about you but I gasp when I see the Anthropologie Catalog in my mailbox. Yes, I love the clothes and accessories that are featured in there. But, I am more intrigued by the gorgeous photographs where the backgrounds are exquisite. I found a beautiful Moroccan-inspired tile on one of the photos and loved the leaf design. I used that simple design to create this cluster of leaves that I colored with watercolor pencils. I added a touch of glitter paint from Art Anthology to give the leaves some fancy shimmer. IMG_6039


This piece came from a picture of Derek Hough that was in an advertisement in am New York. He was doing a great dance move in the ad for the Rockettes Spring Spectacular Show. Yes, I saw it with my mom! I cut Derek out and used the clipping as a mask which I traced around. I then added lots of colors and some stenciling using a stencil from Stampin’ Up! (which you can order from me via the link). 


The biggest place for me to find inspiration is Pinterest. I have a board that is dedicated to art, etc. that is inspiring to me and great as jumping points for future art journal projects.


This little drawing was simply a continuous squiggly line. I added some doodling into some of the openings and finished off with pops of color. This type of art is so relaxing to me because I can get lost in the little details. As I am looking at these pictures, I am noticing that there are DOTS everywhere! I love using my Sharpie Paint Pens to make those little, tiny dots whenever I can.





These funky flowers were inspired by some flowers that I found on Pinterest. I loved the simplicity of the doodles which also allowed for me to add some gorgeous colors. I love quotes and have been very inspired lately by quotes of positivity and change. I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to amazing quotes! IMG_6257







This flower became the cover of my art journal. I love the whimsical nature of the drawing and added lots of bright, happy colors.  (And, yep…there are those dots again!) IMG_6239


The little house and the bird drawing were also inspired by Pinterest. I had fun drawing them but even more fun adding color. As a kid, I loved coloring books that had thick black lines and lots of open spaces to add colors. I was never into the pictures that had tons of tiny details. (Another way that I am like my mom!) I think that comes through in the types of illustrations that I create and color. IMG_6249



This piece is really different for me. It was inspired by a piece of fiber art that I saw on Pinterest. Even though it took a ton of time to get it where it is at this point…I don’t like it. Not at all. Every time I see it in my journal I think “I should gesso over that”…but for some reason, I don’t. IMG_6242


I often get inspiration from the things that are around me. This lily was created based on some beautiful flowers that my love got for me for our anniversary. The actual lily in the vase was white but again…any excuse to add color!

There are so many places to find inspiration for our art. Where do you find inspiration?



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