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Birds of A Feather

March 17, 2015 Comments Off on Birds of A Feather


I have been really drawn to drawing lately. I have been getting lost in the sketching of the lines. Watercolor Pencils seem to be my medium of choice as the colors blending & bleeding into each other is so relaxing to me. As many people, I have Pinterest Boards of all kinds of topics including things that inspire my art journaling (and my imaginary huge apartment in New York City).


One of the things on my Art Journal Inspiration Board is a picture of this beautiful gift wrap. I am like my mom when it comes to drawing. I struggle to draw things from my head but can recreate sketches of pictures that are in front of me. I had a lot of fun reinventing one of the amazing birds on this gift wrap–imagine getting a gift all fanciest up in this?! Just hand me the roll of gift wrap…no need to put anything else inside of it. For the background of my bird art, I used that neat circle & line pattern from the lower left hand corner. Stuck on what to draw? Check out beautiful works of art online to inspire you! Now…enjoy your Tuesday and GO MAKE SOME ART!




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