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Swimming in my Pants…ciao!

November 9, 2011 Comments Off on Swimming in my Pants…ciao!

I love wearing black and tend to grab it often from my closet. I loved this inspiration with the pop of pink & the animal print shoes. It was an easy, professional outfit to put together.

Since losing 30 pounds, I have been clearing out a ton of my wardrobe. These pants WERE one of my old favs! They are from Chloe Dao and have a cute tuxedo stripe down the side of them. When I put them on they felt a tad bit big! I thought “ah, throw on a belt” BUT these lovelies have no belt loops. I figured I would be ok and just went with it. BUT, after wearing them from just a bit…I had to roll the top of them A TON! You know it’s crazy when someone at work told me to be careful because of how LONG my pants are. These will be added to the “can’t wear these anymore” pile…to add to it…I have two pairs of black and one in chocolate brown…ciao sweet pants! …and my wardrobe continues to dwindle-anyone want to donate some clothes in my new sizes? I promise to blog about them!

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