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Mecca Monday

A little bird unicorn told me that she was missing my Mecca Monday blog posts so ALDA this one is for you! Speaking of unicorns and Alda, there is an awesome spot on the Flying Unicorn Forum where you can post all of your crafty ways of organizing. If you are in need of organization ideas (and who isn’t) you will find tons of those there, too!
This is how I organize my Glimmer Mist-by color in rows. I used to have them in random places in my room and couldn’t find a thing!

This is a chandelier that I found in a vintage store in New York City. Marty (my hubby) put the butterflies on it and I added the glittered bird!

Here is a shelf that is purely inspiration-there is art there from friends, an original MJ Thriller cassette tape (why not) and a few photos & candles. This is above the Glimmer Mist Shelf!

And the last one for today-this shelving unit was dirt cheap at IKEA. Marty is a trooper and never complains about putting together the stuff I get there. Well, until this beauty–it was cheap because all of the directions were in Russian and Japanese. Yep-he put it together and took it apart five times. Once it was put together, it was a fabulous addition to my room. I have Prima flowers, bling, Glimmer Glam..loads of great stuff in those baskets. Tons of embellishments by category/theme in the drawers. Tons of fun artsy inspiration on the top!

Now, run off and check out the Flying Unicorn forum for more ideas and to post your own! I will be back next Monday with more photos (and maybe a video…FAB) from The Mecca, my art studio in New York City. Until then…go make some art!

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  1. Denise Jensen
    July 11, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    I’m loving all the glimmer mists..I’m jealous!! And omgosh I adore that shelving unit!! WOW!